I have a curious mind with a vocation as a computer engineer, constantly learning. Always looking for new professional challenges that allow me to improve and motivate me.


Among the personal challenges, I proudly mention the publication of a book (“Historias de Jota”) and the creation of a record label, APRETADA RECORDS, with which I have released two albums by the rock band Los Hurones, which I have sold records all over the world, even in Japan!


After 7 hard and exciting years as CEO of my startup SUPERLUMEN, during which I have been able to meet amazing people, live unforgettable experiences (nationally and internationally) and learn about the business world, I have sold the company to a netherland company and returned to my origins as a videogame developer.


Nowadays I find myself in a new and exciting position, combining my management tasks of SUPERLUMEN in its two offices (Madrid and Murcia) with the leading of a videogame development team in Murcia, where I organize the daily internal tasks, I am in charge of the constant communication with the Publisher, producers and other international outsourcing teams (localization, QA, etc…) and where I do my favorite task: programming.


Constantly evolving and learning, we are developing our videogames for PC (Steam, Epic Store), Linux and consoles (Xbox X/Series, PS4/5 and Switch).


I’m programming in C++ and Unreal Engine 4 and 5 Blueprint.


PSVR 2? Stay tuned 😉

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